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Re: Amplifiers for looping

I asked:
>>Last time I was in the cinema, I felt like trying to have the clean 
>>on one central speaker and reverb on two periferial cabinets
>>Anyone tried this?

Phil did:
>Yes, I have tried this and in my opinion it does sound different than
>stereo. I've taken it one step further by adding a third cabinet which is
>wired across the two positive speaker terminals on my stereo power amp.

Ah... this ends up giving you the difference between the two channels.
Since I assume that the reverb processor does not send any signal equally
to both cannels, but different delays, it might be the same as the sum in
terms of volume, but with a different characteristic due to the changed

>Some very interesting stuff comes out of this third cabinet on occasion.

Lexicon and others create multichannel reverbs, but only for home, and
rather expensive, but that would probably the consequent way to go...
... and sounds familiar with "ambient", doesnt it? ;-)

>... I haven't fried anything yet. Maybe I'm just lucky?

No, I don't see any problem... I will try it, too!

>So my rig's set up like this: clean signal into amp @ center; line
>out/effects send from amp(s) to mixer; mixer output to loopers (jamman
>and digitech time machine); loopers outputs to 2nd mixer w/ vortex and
>digitech studio twin on effects loops; mixer output to stereo power amp
>w/ speakers @ right, left and third speaker @ back of room or hall.

Oh, I see... so you probably never have only reverb on the stereo set,
because all of the loops run on it, too, right?
But on the third speaker, you might get only reverb if you pan the loops to
center, is that how you use it?