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Re: Gear plug: Tascam 564

What is the bandwidth on MDs?  I was under the impression that they were
about the same as cassette tape.

Just my two cents, but I am always a little mystified at a lot of the
choices people make when buying home studio gear.  I have done a lot of
recording on both analog and digital, so I feel that I can make a fair
assesment of the limitations of both, both as just documenting a
performance/interview/film field sound/whatever, as well as using both
to edit.

I still to this day am surprised when anyone buys an ADAT.  This format
seems to combine the clunky editing of analog with the less than
inspiring sound of digital.  It always seemed to me that if you want to
deal with the hassle of something that isn't non-linear, go analog.

These all in one editor/recorder thingies are something else I don't
get.  We have an Akai DR8 here where I work, and while the editing on
there is a little better than on an ADAT, it still really, really makes
me want to rip the hair out of my scalp.  It is still better than razors
and tape (something I'm sure many of us have done) but not much.  And,
of course, it sounds like digital.

I own a Digi Session8 and I love it.  The A/Ds are not so hot, but when
I run my mikes thru my DAT, out thru its digital outs, thru the S8's
digi ins, it doesn't sound that bad.  The great thing is that the
editing is very intuitive.