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Re: bending necks, or, want to feel my muscle, ladies?

  Though I mentioned the possibility of bending a Steinberger neck or some
such composite, This is not something which I do or suggest doing whether
on a composite neck or any other...  I personally perfer other ways of
achieving the same or a simular effect and not risking the well-being of
the instrument or the player...



At 11:08 AM 2/18/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> <<He was getting that effect 15 years ago with a Gibson SG with no 
>> Just bending the neck... easy with an SG (i had a roommate who was
>> constantly popping his SG neck off the guitar that way).  
>> Frisell's Klein has a solid rosewood neck, not the Steinberger
composite. It
>> is possible to bend the neck, but I certainly would hesitate to do that 
>> mine!
>I strongly advise that you avoid doing that with a PRS bolt-on.  I had
>mine about two months before a tore the neck out of its joint, reducing
>me to tears practically (having just spent a fortune that I only barely
>had on it) but forever impressing the hell out of my friends.
>They never let me borrow one of their guitars again.
>PS:  I have to say- the folks at the PRS factory were super-cool about
>the whole thing.  Much cooler than 95% of the dickheads in the store I
>bought it from.  My salesperson and his friedn stood around, looking at
>the guitar and shaking their heads.  Finally, one of the guys in the
>shop took pity on me and called PRS.
>They made me a new guitar about twice as nice as the one I had before
>fairly quickly.  Finally, after two or three thousend pickup/wiring
>schemes later, I sold it.  It was the most comfortable and well designed
>guitar I ever had, but gave me the tone of an LA studio musician. 
>Wonder what one would sound like with those P-94 pickups in it....