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looping and "normal music"

  I've noticed lately that the conversation has come around to the concept
that looping and guitarists seem to make up the majority of people on this
list.  As a guitarist myself, I view the guitar only as one outlet of my
expression or of music to come through me.  I also sing and play flute and
try to express my creativity in any way shape or form I see fit and
possible.  I call myself a guitarist only because it's what I've studied a
lot more of than other instruments but more so, I study and live life with
a creative and open heart to the best of my abilities.  As for the concept
of looping, I see it as another form of creative tool as in another
instrument or aspect of a larger library of ideas and voices.  I think
looping only depends on what the player or the music asks of it.  So, the
music plays me whether I like it or not, and loops in my opinion can be
different things to different people in different situations.  A heart beat
is a loop...