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Re: boomerang phrase sampler

  It really depends on how picky you may or may not be...  They're sound
quality may  be something you find to be lacking in some cases but it's
certainly quite usable.  There is also a problem I've noticed with a pop
which occors where the start and end points of loops converge however, this
may have been taken care of since I last took one home to play with as
there was supposed to have been a software upgrade to deal with this around
the beginning of this year...  You're really best off to go and listen well
to one before you buy it as you are the best judge.  I've not heard of any
technical issues people have had with them, at least those from our
store...  Good luck and good listening!  



At 07:13 PM 2/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>hello everyone,
                        >i am new to the list so i am sorry if this has 
already been discussed.  i
>have been thinking about purchasing a boomerang for sometime now.  i have
>heard only good things about them.  i was wondering if there is anything
>that i should be warned about before making my purchase.   
>thank you,