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Re: Origins...

          Of course I was fortunate to meet ya silly!


At 04:53 PM 2/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Corynne writes:
>> I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have met one other
>> us on this list.  During the time we talked, this person asked me a
>> question which I'd like to present to the rest of the list...  I was
>> How do you begin your loop pieces?
>Since I didn't ask you this Corynne I've gotta assume two things:
>A. you've met at least two people on this list, and 
>B. that you aren't particularly fortunate to have met me.  <grin>  
>Anyhow...  here's how I begin my loop pieces:
>1.  Deep breath and hold it.
>2.  Stomp "Record" button.
>3.  Realize I haven't thought out what I want to play.
>3a. Get a bit wild-eyed.
>4.  Fumble a few noises out of the instrument.
>5.  Swear.
>6.  Hit "End" button.
>Then I spend a few minutes pulling my head out of you-know-where and 
>if I'm going to loop a little phrase like an ostinato, or if I'm gonna 
>start smearing freaky noises all over the place, layering it up like some
>demented gamelan, and make myself a loop (3 layers or more = 
> 2 layers or less = "soundpaper.")  Having decided that, I start playing
>the ostinato or start making freaky noises and when the timing and 
>and such is as good as it's gonna get, I click the "record" button and the
>"end" button at the appropriate places.
>Then I make a quality control decision: if I think I can work with it I
>start noodling over the top until I've got something I can live with, at
>which point I layer it on.  If I can't work with it, I'll try one or all 
>the following loop-salvaging maneuvers:
>Slow the loop to half speed.
>Reverse the loop.
>Run the loop through the intelligent harmonizer and a few gallons of audio
>syrup via the Digitech Studio 400.
>Bury the loop in several layers of innocuous, abstract sound overdubs.
>Resample a short (2.8 sec) segment of the loop via the Studio 400 and use
>that for the loop while I fix the first one.
>If none of that works, I just kill the loop and start over.
>Sometimes I have grand designs for a loop: for example, I want to play
>something scalar with very specific phrasing during the loop, and then I
>want to develop a counterpoint and layer it on there such that the notes 
>chords in the second layer fall between the notes or chords in the first. 
>In theory, I would get something that sounds like it was impossible (or at
>least heroic) to play.  Ordinarily, however, it sounds like a couple of
>teenage boys on LSD with cheap electric guitars.  
>And sometimes I get lucky.  Didn't someone once suggest that musicians
>"trust the inexpressible benevolence of the creative impulse?"  I forget
>who.  Hmph.  I think it was a guitar player, though.  Probably nobody
>connected to looping. ;-)
>Scott Bullerwell
>Boulder, Colorado, USA