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   I'd like to address something that is hopefully near and dear to all our
hearts,  MUSIC!  

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have met one other of
us on this list.  During the time we talked, this person asked me a
question which I'd like to present to the rest of the list...  I was asked:

How do you begin your loop pieces?

  This was meant as a musical question, like what musical ideas do you use
in initial stages of your loops...  I thought this was an interesting
  Anyway, since I'm the bringer of the question, I'll be the first to
answer it by giving the answer I gave then...

  There are two ways I tend to gravitate to in starting my loop pieces.
There are actually infinate variations, but I seem to be drawn to these two
styles as they seem to have some significance for me...  Sometimes I may
take a particular mode which may manifest some aspect or feeling about my
current environment and choose notes from it at "random".  The other way I
like is to improvise a short motief ( perhaps less than ten notes) and
layer this with some varying modal ideas.  both of these ways can quickly
develop into a very dense and hopefully, emotionally meaningful
composition.  As a piece goes on, I tend to change the musical environment
and help bring it through various stages and also play off of it letting it
bring me through various stages as well.  It's great fun and can produce
some really amazing emotions and textures...  

Anyway, I hope that you, will consider this question and have some fun with