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I'm a looper neonate (I have heard-but do not own or use looping
technology).  I'm looking into using a looping tool to spice up my solo 
(restaurants, primarily, playing acoustic fingerstyle/vocal with spasmodic
coughs of sequencer and MIDI guitar).  Thanks for sharing all the
information I've seen so far!
        1. Is PC looping technology feasible for live work yet?  Including
foot            controllers?
        2. If yes, how does it compare with the Boomerang, Echoplex, and
JamMan?            I've looked at the comparisons of Echoplex and JamMan,
visited the              Boomerang site, but the only looping device I've
heard live is a Boss            GT-5.  I'm leaning toward the Boomerang
because of the cost and            the length of sampling, but I'm still
trying to gather information            about its' sound quality, given the
lower sampling rate. 
        3. Any recommended vendors for finding an Echoplex (or other good
looper) with foot controller at least cost?

                Thanks for any suggestions, and again for providing the
forum for information sharing!