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RE: Vocoder Recordings

A popular dance/club/DJ tune right now features the LOOPED sample of a
heavily-vocoded (<--is this a word?) voice chanting
"around the world around the world around the world around the world"
over some thumpy back beat and what sounds like a sample of the (classic
late-1970's) funk bass riff to Michael Jackson's "Can't Stop Till You Get
Enough".  The vocoder loop is itself quite hypnotic, being the same approx.
3.5 seconds of noise again and again, no feedback, no modulation, just
drilling right into your skull.  Truly a "sample and hold."

Concur with M. Peters: The Boss SE-70 (and the SE-50, both 1/2-rack
multi-effects units out of production now) featured a Vocoder preset that
is REALLY cool.

Other vocoder instances (that this guitar-player-dominant list may be
familiar with)...
-the "prayer" part of "Sheep" from Pink Floyd's _Animals_ album.
-Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight": "Well I REMEMBER..."
-The comedy sketch character "Pimp Bot" on NBC TV's "Late Night With Conan
O'Brien" here in the U.S. is an actor dressed as a 1950's-style Lost In
Space robot wearing 1970's blaxploitation-film hustler clothing, speaking
in jive cadences through a thick vocoder effect.

"attention all robots...report to the dance floor"