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Re: Modular Looping

> >P.S.  Thank you for turning me on to the Vortex, I have ordered one
> >shall be in my
> >rack tomorrow night.
> You will love it. It's one of those boxes that gets deeper every time I
> to figure it out. It produces sounds that I've never heard from any other
> FX box in 20 years of messing with this stuff.


I originaly wanted one, but the people at Steve's Music Store had
told me it did little more than delay and modulation effects.  

I usually never listen to salespeople's advice, but I found it odd that 
they weren't pushing this product on me, knowing that all I ever
look for is freaky stuff.

A shame that Lexicon gave up on this and the JamMan, two great
devices that are sure to gain the same type of cult status as Electro-
Harmonix and Mu-Tron boxes did.

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