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Re: Modular Looping

> Date: Tuesday, September 09, 1997 7:17 AM
> Mark Kata wrote:

> Hi David,
> Tell us how you use your VCS3.  Also, which pitch to voltage convertor do
you use?


Here goes,

I currently do not own any keyboard instruments, and I sold the
which I got with my VCS-3.  So I rely on several sources for control.

1. EMS Pitch To Voltage Converter, driven from the insanely detuned strings
    of my Fender (Squier) "Precision" Bass.

2. EMS Random Voltage Generator, two staircase oscillators which give
    results simillar to those achieved with sample & hold, but even more 
    random and smoother sounding.  Very Sci-Fi.

3. Custom made devices such as the IC1 Electronics Velvet Touch Oscillator
    bank, which outputs the three basic waveforms either at LFO or audio
    this has a CV in, I use it mostly as an FM source or carrier for the
Ring Mod
    on the VCS-3.

4. I do not currently have my JaMMan, which was upgraded to 32 secs., but
    in the process of getting it back.

5. The Delta Lab Effectron III is used mostly for looping selected segments
from the VCS, 
    with the Random Voltage Gen. riding the CV in.  Nice and Grainy.

6. Time to go, I'm giving away too many secrets, and wasting bandwidth.  ;)

D 4 V 1 D    K R 1 5 T 1 4 N
                                              "The most remarkable aspect
of today's artistic 
                                                environment is the
coexistence of so many
                                                centuries at the same
          ---   Joel Chadabe (1971)