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EDP Questionnaire -- Please answer ASAP

It seems if Oberheim is "backed-up" with orders, then there is pent-up
demand in the "system."  This is good news!  I wonder if there is more
demand that Gibson is aware of...

Informal Poll:

I'm curious -- Please answer the following questions and send them back
to ME ( N O T  Loopers List).  I will summarize results and get back to
the list -- and GIBSON.

Q1      Have you ever seen an Echoplex DP?      yes     no

Q2      Have you ever tried an Echoplex DP?     yes     no

Q2a.    Would you like to try an Echoplex DP?   yes     no

Q3.     Have you tried to find / looked for an Echoplex DP?     yes

Q4.     Do you currently own an Echoplex DP?    yes     no
Q4a.    How many?
Q5      Do you currently own other LOOPing tools?       yes     no
Q5a.     Please list the other Loopers you own  

        Looper                  Quantity
        Jam Man                 
        other? (list them!)

Q6.     Do you want to buy an Echoplex DP?      yes     no

Q7.     If one were available locally to you, would you buy an Echoplex
DP tomorrow?    yes     no
        (Assume retail price w/footpedal approximately = US$700  +/-

Q8;     Why do you want to buy an Echoplex DP?

Q9.     What City, State, and Country are you in?

Again, please send your replies ASAP to:  dkirkdorffer@exapps.com

I want to have all replies by Friday 12:00noon US East Coast Time.