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Re: Digitech RDS/PDS Series

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Ed Drake wrote:

> My manual for the RDS 8000 says  ".....The entire series of Time Machines
> now run with 12-bit VLSI engines for quieter, smoother performance...."
> Also it says in Specifications for Frequency Response:
> RDS-1000/4000----   20 Hz to 10 kHz
> RDS-2000/8000----   20 Hz to 16 kHz

Well that's kind of disheartening. I was thinking that because it was kind
of old that it must not have a very good frequency response, so if I got a
Boomerang it would be an upgrade, but I guess not. 8(

Hey Boomerang folks, I'd like to add another voice to the pack suggesting
an option to halve the loop time/double the frequency response. This
is the only thing that's preventing me (and as it appears from comments on
here, quite a few others) from purchasing a Boomerang.


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