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Re: upgrading the Jamman

Siobhan and all,
        First things first, ;-) Rogue Music charged me $72 + $5 shipping
for the four chips.  I ordered them on Wed. and they arrived today (UPS
NY->DC).  Rogue's phone number is 212-629-3708.
        First things second, thanks for the good advice about installing
the upgrade to my Jamman.  I'll let you all know what happens.
        I'm a performer on early European wind instruments. I've been
using extended techniques (multiphonics, etc.) for a while and am now
moving into adding use of electronic processing.  (I will post some of
this for the Loopers web directory of musicians, too.)  I've been working
with Pauline Oliveros and consider her a strong influence on my
composing/improvising.  Speaking of looping, the Extended Instrument
System that her Deep Listening Band uses to process their sounds is a
wonderfully artful blend of delay and other dsp technologies.  There's
info about it at 
http://www.artswire.org/0h/Artswire/www/pof/EIShome.html and you can hear
it on most of their recent CD's.

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