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looping voice ideas

>As a classical singer, I am just starting to expand my electronic
>experimentation in my compositions and would welcome any suggestions as to
>cool vox applications...Half the time, you guitarists leave me in the dust
>of the lexoplexxoLPfiver15echodecomegawizzzzzzzzzzzzzz
>So if there are any vocalists lurking (any who survived the recent
>tree-shaking thread-o-matic philosophunk), please make a move and share
>some info and experiences.....
>I'd be really appreciative....

1) Murmur, howl, click, gurgle, moan into microphone.  If so inclined,
"record" a fair amount but endeavour to match the pitch/timbre of the start
and end-points.  This usually makes the loop more "seamless", without a
noticeable cliff at the splice.  But, it is also fun to insert
intentionally jarring noises that lend a rhythmic component.

2) long loops lend themselves to raga-like trance drones or
Tuvan(sp?)-monk-style throat singing.  Build your own overtones.  Paste up
sonic wallpaper, etc.

3) it has been, to my experience, much harder to sync up harmonies (like
one-voice chorus construction), but then again, I'm not much of a singer.
Recording a word or two as an accentuating sample, with a trigger (Echoplex
can do this, don't know about Jamguy) to put it in the right spots has been

4) I like looping tv voices and playing them backwards.  Classic ambient
technique...nothing like good old backwards play!  It worked for the
Beatles AND Judas Priest!

(yeah, but i still loop a guitar a bunch too...it's so much dang fun!)