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Re: New software

At 4:56 PM -0400 9/14/97, Paul J. Dresher wrote:
>At the moment, I have one unit with the new and one with the old software.
>I'm assuming the manual which came with the new unit is still really based
>on the 3.2 software.

It is, but it all mostly still applies.

> I would love to get the info on the new software too.
> Let us know when its posted on the Web site.

The thing Andre just posted is the thing I'm going to put on the web. Let
me know what else you might need, and maybe I can add to it

>   (Even with different
>software versions, the two units sync up fine in BrotherSync mode).  I 
>a number of questions about the units and wondered is it appropriate to 
>those questions here?

sure, go ahead. If one person has a question, others probably have it too.
I'll answer as I have time, or maybe someone else might know. Asking
questions about the plex or any other device is good, because eventually
someone gets on the ball and creates a FAQ for the website. Then the answer
is readily available for anyone.

> Do you recall which archive digest included your
>info on the upgrade?

Well, Andre took care of that. Thanks Andre!

As far as me recalling, I'm blessed with a terrible memory, so I usually
don't recall very many things. The world is always new and exciting to me!

hope this helps,


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