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intentions and effects

>At 12:51 AM -0400 9/15/97, Russell Gorton wrote:
>>4) I like looping tv voices and playing them backwards.  Classic ambient
>>technique...nothing like good old backwards play!  It worked for the
>>Beatles AND Judas Priest!
>Hey! We didn't put reverse in there so you could easily make satanic
>records like those evil heavy metal bands, why I......oh, wait....yes that
>is why we put reverse in there. never mind.... ;-)

We certainly put every little feature with good intentions into the unit.
To create peace in the world or something. But since the big goals are too
complex for us to understand how to achieve then anyway, we are just happy
about every new idea how to use the unit to make someone feel fine.

In other words, I learned to pass the message through the music, rather
than through features (or the omission of them!) in a invention. And even
the music can be understood very differently, so I have to be happy if
someone understands something that pops up in HIS mind, which is much more
important than the message I "intended".

I was touched that the intention of BrotherSync was interpreted here