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The latest about OBERHEIM

first a disclaimer:  I am about two months behind on reading L-D.  I
scanned the last few digests, and saw no mention of the Obie, so here

About FOUR weeks ago, I left a message on some salesman's phone at
Oberheim in California asking him what the turnaround time for the
upgrade REALLY was, and could I pay an expedite to get it done more
quickly.  (Like many of you, the thought of having my main creative tool
missing for some three to twelve weeks is not a pleasant thought).

Of course there were no humans there, and I left a voice mail.

About   weeks ago a very nice gentleman named Pat Murphy called me from
Gibson.  He said that the job of returning those calls had not been done
by anyone "for a week or so" and apologized for the delay in returning
my call.

I expressed my frustration at attempting to deal with Oberheim in
general (i.e. you can never reach a PERSON, and even if you do leave a
message they never return your calls, their turnaround time for repairs
is very long etc.).  He pretty much agreed with me, and then informed me
that I could get the upgrade myself directly from him, as long as I was
savvy enough to replace a chip.

My logic kicked in, and I figure that for $45.00 even if I messed it up
the first time and had to buy a second one, it would only cost $90.00. 
Compare this to $80.00 and a LONG wait from a company notorious for it's

Then, however, Pat told me that the chips were "on the way" from
California.  (Ironic since *I* am *in* California).  We discussed how to
go about getting me one, and the deal is you must send a MONEY ORDER
(read: irretrievable cash instrument, unless you file a mail fraud
suit!) directly to him, and then when the chips arrived, he would send
one out to me.

About TWO weeks ago, I went and mailed the money order to Pat.

About TWO days ago, I made a follow-up call to Pat.  Again, he was very
helpful, and I asked him point blank if the chips had shipped