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the rest of the story about OBERHEIM

sorry about that, some strange combination of keystrokes just mailed the
incomplete message...

where was I?  oh yeah

...About TWO days ago, I made a follow-up call to Pat.  Again, he was
very helpful, he "had my check right in front of him", verified my ship
to address etc.  I asked him point blank if the chips had shipped from
California.  He said they would ship "today at the latest". I then asked
how long it would take for them to arrive at Gibson.

He said "a week or so", so I asked if they were coming on the slow boat.
He then made a remarkable statement "they've just finished packing up
the whole facility and they are moving it out here".

Perhaps you already knew this (I'll bet Kim and Mathias probably did)
but it came as a bit of a shock to me!  So from what I understand, they
are moving Oberheim, lock, stock and barrel right into Gibson's main

I remarked to Pat that I would hope that this move would make it easier
for Gibson/Oberheim to respond to people's needs, and he claimed that it
would make it "much easier".

So I am keeping my fingers crossed:  that the chips will eventually
arrive at Gibson; that they will then turn around and send me one; that
it does indeed arrive with clear instructions as promised (Kim- any
tips/hints/warnings here???  things to beware of in changing out the
chip???) and that I can get it installed without a problem.

Any similar experiences here in L-D land?

Pat Murphy can be reached at 1-800-4GIBSON X 348.

The address to which I sent the money order:

1818 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN  37210

Let's hope this is a GOOD thing.  But I'd say if you are trying to call,
fax or email the California office you are probably wasting your time.


dave at studio seventeen

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