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Re: the rest of the story about OBERHEIM

At 12:37 PM -0700 9/19/97, dave stafford wrote:

>I remarked to Pat that I would hope that this move would make it easier
>for Gibson/Oberheim to respond to people's needs, and he claimed that it
>would make it "much easier".

Well, it would be real hard to make it much worse...:-)

>So I am keeping my fingers crossed:  that the chips will eventually
>arrive at Gibson; that they will then turn around and send me one; that
>it does indeed arrive with clear instructions as promised (Kim- any
>tips/hints/warnings here???  things to beware of in changing out the
>chip???) and that I can get it installed without a problem.

It's pretty easy. You get two eprom chips. Take the top off the echoplex to
reveal it's innards. (unplug if first! and ground yourself to protect
against static.)  You'll see two similar chips in sockets. Use a small
flathead screwdriver to carefully lift those out. Carefully insert the new
chips in the sockets. The PCB is labeled so you'll see which chip goes in
which socket. Put the top back on, plug it in. Turn the power on with the
parameter button pressed to initialize it, and you're done.


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