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hologram, means, and ends


Your original post had hung in my inbox and although toast on friday 
night from work i reckon imma gonna chime in.
I had joined the delight eons ago for about two weeks when under the 
weight of some rather trainspotterish gearheadedry i dropped the list... 
for me all the gear and knobs and whatsits have been a means to an end 
and not an end in and of itself.
i didn't even think the list again until david torn had forwarded on to 
me (god bless his little heart :)) a posting he had sent here about 
trying to take the medium outside of its confines... as per usual for dt 
really thoughtful and thought provoking stuff.
So here I am back again. 
And I'm glad I missed the as you say "who's better guitarists, dj's, or 
bassoonists" flame fest" that happened...but what I would love to hear 
is how non guitarists are using these tools when the majority have been 
made with guitarists in mind...I use my guitar for looping about 10% of 
the time I would imagine.
for me the true joy of looping is that it has allowed me the ability to 
create what I call "hologram" music which 1. is composed of sounds that 
are, represent, or will remind people of something and 2.a section of it 
shows the larger structure....



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