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belated LD b-day and echoplex stuff on the web

ok, I totally forgot, but the Looper's Delight list had it's 1 year
anniversary Sept 10. It's been a remarkable year, really. We've formed an
amazing little community here with all sorts of interesting folk. I think
we've done a lot to define what looping actually is and further it's
advance into the musical consciousness. Lot's of people have contributed
their time and ideas to make Looper's Delight a better place, and I think
we all appreciate that. We've covered tons of ground, and I'm looking
forward to another year covering tons more. Membership continues to grow at
a steady rate, although fortunately not too fast. I think we are still
under 300, which has given us time to get to know one another and create a
good vibe for the list. Probably it will start rising faster if the web
site is an indication. LD has been averaging well over 2000 hits a week and
rising fast for the past few months, with a record 2905 hits last week.
List subscription activity is increasing along with it.

So for all of you who have stopped by, thanks for making it fun, here's to
another year....

Also, for those interested I put the Aurisis release notes for the new
Oberheim Echoplex software on the echoplex part of the web site, and
updated the echoplex FAQ to go with it. The FAQ hadn't been updated since
last november! jeez...better late than never I guess. I'll probably make
another pass at the FAQ, since there is plenty of more material floating
around. So if there's something you think should be on there, let me know.

And as always, if anyone else is interested in contributing to any part of
the web site, by all means do so! The more people help out, the better it


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