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Re: Good Ole Fashioned tape looping

>Has anyone managed to come up with a single machine system? Would this 
>work; signal
hit the record head, using some kind of tape tension kluge, pull the tape 
some distance
away from the machine, pre-capstan, so that the distance between the 
record and playback
heads is increased. I've been messing with a Dokorder that I picked up a 
couple of
weeks ago and it seems to me this could work. Any ideas?

Well, what I have tried involves a three-head tape deck and a continuous 
(from an old answering machine). It didn't work, but I need to try it 
again, by finding
an old broken down deck:

Hopefully, I can simply swap the record and playback heads around, and 
that will
give me 30 or 60 seconds of unsynchronized delay. If necessary, I could 
add a speed
control too (even linked to a pedal?) Needs a mixer, too, and Dolby C 
(unless you
want retro lo-fi)...


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