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Re: Good Ole Fashioned tape looping

Matthew Finley McCabe
Sales/Marketing Support

> From: Steven Dubofsky <skullsaw@gti.net>

> considering getting back into tape looping. Has anyone managed to come up

> with a single machine system? Would this work; signal hit the record 

Many years ago (I think I was in the 9th grade!!!!), I used my Dad's old
3-head Sony reel-to-reel for looping.  If I remember right, I just draped
the tape around a glass jar to keep the tension up.  Not very hi-tech I
admit, but it did work.  When the tension finally gave way the loop would
gradually slow down and stop.  Occasionally during playback the tape would
shift and whatever was recorded on the "other side" (tracks 3 & 4) would be
played back....backwards of course.  Needless to say, it yielded some
trippy and very haphazard results.