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Re: Ultra lo tech looping

Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
> >Sort-of related but not really -- has anyone here played with an ultra
> >lo-tech (and lo-fi) method of looping, i.e. hand-cut cassette loops?
> >
> >I've been lurking here a while; I mostly use an EPS classic for my
> >looping, which is lo-tech enough, but this cassette method was something
> >I and a parnter played with a few years ago. Something about its
> >rawness, and its limitations actually seemed conducive to interesting +
> >unexpected outcomes. Sort of akin to a Surrealist game/experiment
> >technique.
> Sorry, the idea is really interesting but I didn't understand.
> Do you use 2 cassette recorder like Revox reels systems? Or is this not a
> real time looping (you cut the tapes before and then you play them at 

It could be used live but we used it in the studio; we took apart the
casing of a cassette, snipped out most of the tape, and re-inserted (w/
scotch tape!) into the casing in a loop (i.e. a Moebius strip). The
loops were only a few seconds long; it was through the layering of them
that strucure was built...

> Any comment about the role of caos and casuality in loop playing?

In terms of chaos, I wouldn't know where to begin discussing it in terms
of looping (and other experimental music techniques). It is definitely a
prime interst in my reasons / methods for looping, whether it be
sampling or tape-looping. Random insert/exit points can, essentially,
_create_ aesthetic beauty, i.e. chance is directing the creation of the


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