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Re: Ultra lo tech looping

At 12.13 27/09/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>Good Ole Fashioned tape looping (Steven Dubofsky , Fri 10:43 PM)
>>I haven't seen any posts relating to reel to reel looping, is anyone 
>>doing this? 
>Sort-of related but not really -- has anyone here played with an ultra
>lo-tech (and lo-fi) method of looping, i.e. hand-cut cassette loops?
>I've been lurking here a while; I mostly use an EPS classic for my
>looping, which is lo-tech enough, but this cassette method was something
>I and a parnter played with a few years ago. Something about its
>rawness, and its limitations actually seemed conducive to interesting +
>unexpected outcomes. Sort of akin to a Surrealist game/experiment

Sorry, the idea is really interesting but I didn't understand.
Do you use 2 cassette recorder like Revox reels systems? Or is this not a
real time looping (you cut the tapes before and then you play them at 

One idea could be (when I'll get my Echoplex I'll try this) to use
prerecorded dat and cassette material to inject in the looper loops, while
playing (I was thinking to volume pedals to control the output of the
tapes). Could be interesting to have a mixer full of sound sources to let 
at some moment in the loop (prerecorded tapes, radio, voices, other
instruments, the crowd in front of you). Kind of casual interaction between
your playing and the moment.
Any comment about the role of caos and casuality in loop playing?


PS How does Torn use a mixer?? I heard it's a big part of his setup...