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Re: Thanks Travis!

>> If you ever open the thing up...
>Why did you open yours in the first place?  Not that I've a fear of the
>'pandora effect', I just don't know enough about the unit to feel good 
>opening it up.  An Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, MAYBE, but I doubt it. :)

I bought it used, and there was already something rattling around loose 
inside, and I wanted to see if I could squirt some contact cleaner into 
the feedback pot (it makes a horrible loud burst of white noise if it's 
rotated in the lower 25% of its range, which I never use, but I thought 
I'd try and clean it anyway).  In the course of hunting down the intial 
loose part, I mistakenly loosened the bottom screws, and then had to dig 
my way out of that pit.

>> I found out that Digitech has online tech support...
>What's their number?

You can email them using the form from their webpage at: