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Thanks Travis!

...for giving us the benefit of your experience, which sounds like 
I'm glad I've not had to do.

> If you ever open the thing up...

Why did you open yours in the first place?  Not that I've a fear of the
'pandora effect', I just don't know enough about the unit to feel good 
opening it up.  An Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, MAYBE, but I doubt it. :)

> I found out that Digitech has online tech support...

What's their number?

>For my piece of mind, I'm going to thread nuts on the jacks, just to be

Ditto here.  I recently took The Rig up to Reno for a weekend jamming with
an old friend, and, in the absence of a proper shipping box for the TM and
my QuadraVerb, packaged them both securely in the center of a suitcase that
allowed enough room on all sides for good cushioning.  Wipe the look of
appalled shock off yer faces, folks. :)  But it worked, in addition to the
standard-issue Fender case for Cthulhu, my Strat.  Given the inflated 
of most decent crates, I'm going to design my own that doubles as a rack

Is it just me, or is business these days rife with hotshots who operate on
an extreme use of Supply/Demand, to the extent that sectors exist using
artificial price levelling?  For a long time this was prevalent with 
esp. drum machines; then it was digital keyboards, then MIDI
software/hardware, and so on.. Every time something like the above items
produced a diminishing profit margin, some other product becomes more
inflated.  Why is it the cost of a good crate, then, has not diminished?  I
mean, some of them cost more than the gear I'd put it it.

Perhaps there haven't been enough technological developments in that
business to lower the costs of production/purchase.  But on the other hand,
perhaps the Case business has had a huge profit margin from the beginning.
Unless artificially controlled as in the case of monopolies, this situation
should almost shout for others to produce a competitively-priced quality
product.  So why haven't we seen this?

How bout that folks?  Whatta you think?

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