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Re:New Year listening

Still haven't got that top 10 list together, but this post was a
button-pusher . . .

I'm spinning the following alot so far in '98:

John Zorn "New Traditions in East Asian Bar Bands" (Tzadik, 1997)--don't
know much about these compositions which were all apparently recorded in 
late '80's early '90s, but they are fascinating--CD has beautiful artwork
liner notes with translations that look like they were shrunk from LP 
size to CD liner size as the text is MINISCULE and unreadable without
contrast enhancement and a jeweller's loupe

--stories with female narration accompanied by:
first one, "Hue Die" features Bill Frisell and Fred Frith on guitars
second, "Hwang VChin-EE" has Joey Barron and Samm Bennett on drums
third, "Que Tran" has Anthony Coleman and Wayne Horvitz on keyboards

need I say MORE . . .

Golden Palaminos  "Dead Inside" (Restless, 1996)-- not for the faint of
heart or Pollyannish, the black text of Nicole Blackman with very nice
ambience provided by the Anton Fier stable (Skopelitis, Laswell and Knox

it's really scary to know that there is another human on the planet who
thinks these things, much less will commit them to media. Contraindicated 
you are in even a hint of a foul mood, before working with power tools or
after 10:30 PM

and old faves rediscovered:

Latin Playboys   (Slash 1994)
put a couple of Los Lobos in an old warehouse studio with Tchad Blake and
Mitchell Froom and a multi-track cassette and you have lo-fi inspiration 
home studio people everywhere--very gritty disc

Hukwe Zawose "Chibite" (Realworld 1996)--Hukwe and his son Charles--a
Tanzanian cooker with thumb pianos, traditional (read "primitive" . . 
flutes, violins and incredible vocals including the first African
"throat-singing" I've ever heard--phenomenal disc

Gallon Drunk "Tonight . . .the Singles Bar" (Ryko)
collection of their scarce singles--a rollickng Phil Spector-meets-Jesus 
Mary Chain with maracas and organ 
got my copy out of the Best Buy cutout closeout for $0.49 . . .pearls 

John Cale "Seducing Down The Door" (Rhino 1994)--two disc box with all the
goodies from the ethereal Paris 1919 period to the fencing mask-wearing
menace period (my fave--"Pablo Picasso", "Fear (is a man's best friend)"
"Leaving It Up to You")

Eno/Jah Wobble "Spinner" (Gyroscope 1995)--another mystery (soundtrack for
"Glitterbug"--anybody enlighten me on this?)
I haven't liked alot  of Eno's recent output, but this has some nice stuff

enuf' droning on already

drone on~~~~~Tom

At 09:26 AM 1/9/98 +0000, you wrote:
>     A brief plug for my gig next Friday, 16th Jan, when I'll be playing 
>     the Croydon ClockTower's Balcony Bar between 7&8 pm, prior to the 
>     evening's main performance by the very wonderful Eduardo Niebla 
>     duo - further details from <http://subnet.virtual-pc.com/~or387751
>     Also, a recommendation for a relatively new album out on ECM 
>     Europe only so far), Nils Petter Molv¾r's "Khmer", which the label 
>     describes as featuring:
>       "Massive beats and throbbing grooves [which] underpin the 
>       Norwegian trumpeter's fiery solos in a project that forms a 
>       bridge between ECM's improvised soundscapes and the brave new 
>       world of trip-hop, drum'n'bass, ambient/illbient, techno, 
>       industrial, electronica and samples."
>     I'm not sure if I'd've bought it if I'd read that first(!) - its a 
>     factual description in many respects (most of those elements are 
>     present in varying levels of prominence) - but reads like a slightly 
>     desperate attempt to force together "everything that's new". The 
>     itself touches on areas similar in parts to Jon Hassell, Mark Isham 
>     and possibly Ben Neill (3 other trumpet players - aren't I 
>     imaginative), and I really rather like it. Not a unique stylistic 
>     break-through or anything, but worth investigating.
>     Also: I finally got hold of the [`Guitar artistry of...'] Bill 
>     video, which is fine, although apparently a painful experience for 
>     Bill himself; and in Tower's New Year Sale, I found a David Tronzo 
>     Trio live-in-Japan-for-German-radio (or something like that) CD, 
>     has hints of looping, and is a cracking good listen too.
>     Thats enough for now
>     David
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net