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RE: New Year listening

>Tom Lambrecht asked,

Eno/Jah Wobble "Spinner" (Gyroscope 1995)--
another mystery (soundtrack for
"Glitterbug"--anybody enlighten me on this?)

no mystery. Glitterbug is a video by Eno's friend and filmmaker Derek
Jarman who died last year. It is basically a compilation of Jarman's early
and private super-8 films. Eno wrote the music for the video. If you want
to hear Eno pure, buy the video:

Glitterbug - The Director's Cut, published by 'Dangerous To Know' 1994, DTK
011 (probably available only in the UK)

Spinner is Jah Wobble's remix of Eno's soundtrack. I seem to remember that
Eno's 1995 diary (which was published as a book) contains Eno's comments on
that work. 

I like the soundtrack better than Spinner, but that is a matter of taste of

Michael Peters   
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