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Ground Zero - Consume Red

I just picked up the CD _Consume Red_ by Ground Zero.  

Ground Zero is a group led by turntable man/guitarist Otomo Yoshihide.
Consume Red consists of a single track which lasts about 55 minutes.
The sound of a Korean wind instrument playing a specific melody is repeated
almost constantly (a loop, I guess) while other sounds are layered on
and the live musicians join in.

I guess some might consider this CD an exercise in patience, but I found
it to have almost a meditative quality (then again, I can sit through
Steve Reich pieces too with no problem).

This may be the first in a series of posts about all the new CDs I picked
up that might be relevant to this ML.  I went on a buying binge thanks to
Tower Record's CD clearance sale and my somewhat quarterly sojourn to 
Lou's Records, a store located about 20 min. drive away from my apartment
which consistently carries the greatest variety of music in the San Diego
area.  They just added a New Music section, which makes it much easier for
me to find stuff by Keiji Haino and other weirdos. :)


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