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Elliot Sharp - Figure Ground

This CD is a collection of music composed and performed by Sharp for four
films.  The label describes the music as being as eccentric as the films
for which it was written and I'd have to agree. :)

Sharp uses just about all the instruments with which he has been 
guitars, some of which are self-designed; saxophones, computers, samplers,
synths, probably the Buchla Thunder (a MIDI controller designed to be 
by one hand), other self-designed instrments, etc.

There's looping in various places, but to be honest the most flagrant use
of looping I've heard Sharp use was on a live album recorded in Germany.
I forget the name of the album (it might be "Westwerk" or something like
that) but it's very much in-your-face live guitar and sax looping.

Anyway, this CD is part of a series of "film music" CDs being issued by
the Tzadik label in the U.S.

Paolo Valladolid
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