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Re: Elliot Sharp - Figure Ground

> Sharp uses just about all the instruments with which he has been
> guitars, some of which are self-designed; saxophones, computers,
> synths, probably the Buchla Thunder (a MIDI controller designed to be
> by one hand), other self-designed instrments, etc.
wow.... i just got this Cd.... very cool and of course diff. from all other
E# i have...

hey - NJ area loopers - on superbowl sunday, JAN 25, 8:00pm, my Duo project
Jfk's Lsd Ufo is doing a show with Elliott Sharp AND Chris Haskett
(guitarist of the Rollins Band) - it of course will be a loopy nite, we
have a lot of llopage, guitar/synth, percussion, etc. If you're interested
at all, check out http://www.courttavern.com, there you will find links to
page for all 3 acts... Elliott is a tireless performer, in one week he'll
do a string quartete concert, 2 blues gigs 9acoustic AN electric), a loop
oriented spoken word accompaniment, and a crimson-esque ensemble piece

those of you afar - catch him live on the net this sat nite - jan 17th 8pm
nyc time at www.knittingfactory.com - live audio/video feed!! he's playing
with wayne horvitz, bobby previte and john zorn...

LOOPs away!!!