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Re: CD recorders

<P>Kim Flint wrote:

<P>Ah, I didn't realize that CD-RW works that way too, like CD-R I guess.
<BR>that sucks! Oh well, I guess I'm back to where I was before, wondering
if I
<BR>need a DAT machine now.....

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; the whole subject seems to beg the question, "is all
this thought going to kill me before I get the chance to recieve my first
royalty check or what?".&nbsp; The whole subject of CD-R and CD-RW can't
be answered very easily today with DVD and god knows what other interesting
phenomena lurking around the "consumer-corner".&nbsp; A friend of mine
just got hold of a pretty interesting piece, a <I>consumer-grade</I> Cd
doooper (that only allows single copies to be made)... its got a digital
i/o and all, but for $1000.00 what's the point...&nbsp; On a brighter note,
I have heard good rumors concerning (of all things) an OLYMPUS CD-RW 
I heard'em right) that wholesales at about 500 bones.&nbsp;&nbsp; That's
probably old information to all of you, but a guy's got to contribute to
the cause, ya know?

<P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; rock on..........

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