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Data compression, twitch factors, knee jerks and God

<<Many people seem to have developed a knee-jerk reaction to the presence 
of data compression, but I think that a lot of that is people listening 
to the spec sheet instead of with their ears.  

The LoOpDoctOrs don't agree...we listen with our ears and we hear that hard
disc recording kills what we can afford for analogue and we love the 
allowed by our computer.  

However, we find it alarming that manufacturers will play God with recorded
human history.  And we have been around recording long enough to remember
"perfect sound forever," the initial hype when Phillips/Sony introduced
digital.  It turned out to be far from perfect and the forever part only
applies to the painful aural butchery that that was made immortal in early
digital recordings.

In short, we trust our ears and nobody's spec sheets.  And we are HIGHLY
suspicious of faux scientific explanations as to why we should accept 
as "more."  That includes marketing/compression schemes.  Bang for the 
buck is
one thing, but don't tell our ears they're related to jerky knees.   The
"twitch factor" for marketing types with profit line incentives is much 
then the 
"knee jerk" factor in musicians.