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Re: New to looping/processing

At 10:45 AM 1/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
>  corret I suppose, if you don't like samplers and sequencers...  cause a
>sampler w/ a fair amount of memory could do everything you need ( i 
>barring you're short on equipment).   

But I'm not aware of a sampler that allows for real-time overdubbing to
looped audio while it's playing...is there any such thing (besides Echoplex
and JamMan?)

I'm only interested in what I can generate live in real-time...not
interested in sequencing anything ahead of the performance.

>your looking for out of this unit...   I would recommend getting a hold 
>of a
>Jam Man w/ full memoery and both footswitches first, there are plenty of 
>around on this list.  If you are fully comfortable w/ the Jam Man, and 
>aren't getting what you want from this box( which is mono- a vortex) then
>some loot on an echoplex pro.

Thanks for the advice, and I haven't ruled out the JamMan.  It's just that
the prices of JamMen seem to be getting bid into the stratosphere (the last
three for sale at Rogue Music's auction have all gone for over $500).  At
that price I figure I'll spend a couple more bills and get the added
functionality and memory of the Echoplex.  Not to mention the nice 

BTW, NAMM is coming up...any rumors of new loopers on the horizon?  Dare we