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A couple of things for sale..

Thought I'd post this to the group before going to Harmony Central.  
I'm streamlining my rig a bit (quasi-significant financial woes, 
as wanting to cut down to an easily portable affair for NYC).

Digitech RDS 8000, you're all familiar with it, 8second delay, with LFO for
modulation of delay time.  With two Hosa pedal switches for bypass and
hold/trigger functions (which I won't separate, 'cause I've got no other 
for them).  I even have a manual!  Excellent condition.  $250.00

MAM (Music-And-More) RS3 Resonator.  Based on the ol' Korg PS-3100 filter
section, 3 bandpass filters plus an LFO plus an envelope follower, filter
frequency sweepable via front panel knob or external CV pedal of your
choosing.  Sort of an extremely wacky Uni-Vibe and a Mu-Tron III crammed 
one rack space.  All analog...the sweet sound of slowly-moving 
and quacking if you want it.  Great for coloring your loops.  Like new.  

Prefer NYC buyer.  If somebody wants 'em both, I'll throw in a two-space 
rack, which is where they reside now.

-Michael Berk