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Re: Time for digitech machine page

I have been looking for a book and I finally found it.It's the Digital 
Handbook by Craig Anderton.(Amsco#38985)It goes into the uses and way to
control non midi gear using control voltage inputs and outputs that came on
some old gear.
I took 3 projects in the book and put them in a volume pedal and added a 
supply.I've had more fun as you say "bouncing off of pluto" with this 
  Well,if you use this you can send the pics of the rcgfkt to me.
Jeff Duke

CORROSIVE@aol.com wrote:

> Although I am just the owner of a lowly PDS-8000, I'd love to hear more
> feedback (ouch), tips & stuff regarding time machines... i personally 
> lo-res looping is equally as kool as hi-res!!  I would love it if the 
> pro had a switch (or mod) so you could do 4 bit sampling (ala
> electro-harmonix super replay), cause the lo-res grain makes it sound 
> your loops were shot into space & bounced off Pluto before behind 
>detuned &
> returned to your pitched down psyche...