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glass eno

The recent remark concerning warped Eno vs. skipping Glass
vinyl platters ,for some reason made me think of the following:

My one and only live P.Glass experience was a concert given
at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cincinatti Ohio back in
1980 (?) It was a small room seating maybe 100, the ensemble
was flown in from Rotterdam,( where he was involved with his
opera in sanskrit at the time), evidently for this show. They did
selections from Einstein on the Beach and Dance 1,2&3 and a
few other pieces. The sound engineer sat in the middle of the 
ensemble facing them. For all that it was "mimimalist" in nature
the overwhelming impression left on most audience members
as I recall was the sheer decibel level at which it was presented.
I got the impression that very few of these people had enjoyed
amplified music in a public performance context though to be
fair to them, the volume WAS high.

Secondly I was reminded of a story I once heard Robert Fripp
relate concerning a performance he and Eno once did in a
bullring in Spain during the 70's. I guess the whole gig had
it's own special ambiance what with the spectacle of gun toting
Basque seperatists at the airport during their arrival,and playing
the arena floor of this bullring to boot...but anyway.He said they
played the show and towards the end, got this loop going and then
they both left the "stage" and retired to an enclosure from which 
they could see the crowd through some shutters. As Eno peered
out at the crowd he was noticed and the next thing Fripp said this
fellow comes and pulls aside the shutters and says in a U.S. drawl
"Hey guys is the show over?", to which Eno replied "Well it is for
us, but not for you".

Just a couple memories, from apparently still active brain cells
......it's an age of wonder.....I wonder where I put that?.....

                                      Bryan Helm
                                      "Loop is pool backwards
                                        and pool starts with P
                                        which rhymes with T
                                        that is the first letter in
                                        the word....TROUBLE!"