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Re: funky vintage boxes..

<<i know this is slightly off-topic, but...I almost always use funky old 
boxes when loooping with the Plex & Jamman, and thought it would be
interesting to hear other peoples setups or fave processors for looping.>>

The only pedal I am completely enamored with right now is the 
Small Stone phase shifter. It's a texture machine. As cool as it is, 
I'd give my left eyeball to find the Bad Stone I used to own. It was WAY
cooler--you could set the mid-point of the phase sweep, or disable the
modulation and set up a "stationary" phased sound with a manual knob. And 
beautiful knobs they were; huge black monster knobs. Other than that and a
decent reverb (and the JamPig, of course), I don't use much, although I may
soon get my hands on a Vortex, in which case it will probably become an
indispensible box as well.

Hey, just to add the the gear thread (don't you love talking about toys?), 
just got a Parker Fly, and I LOVE it. Anyone else out there play one of 
things? (This is gratuitous toy talk, I know, but I can't help myself.)

Have a loopy day, 

Drew W.