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Re: Recordings

Not very 'up to date', but anyway: after some time of moving around a lot I
recently set up my old record player again and had a lot of fun revisiting
early 70's British art rock (Colosseum, Gentle Giant, King Crimson) as well
as some nice jazz stuff from that period (Circle: Braxton, Holland, Corea &
Altshul; Vienna Art Orchestra).

There is a lesser know outing in quartett format by pianist Bob Degen with
Terumasa Hino on tpt where they are dramatically deconstructing an
odd-meter ostinato into cacophony over a 13 minute period and still make it
back to the head ('Children of the Night', ENJA ca. '78) that I always
liked a lot.....hey, wouldn't it be great to have a looper that can (on
command) apply some kind of variation to the material it is cycling -
possibly reacting to what the soloist is doing? 

Can any of these computer based systems do things like that?

Best, Andreas