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Re: Recordings

>Not very 'up to date', but anyway: after some time of moving around a lot 
>recently set up my old record player again and had a lot of fun revisiting
>early 70's British art rock (Colosseum, Gentle Giant, King Crimson) as 
>as some nice jazz stuff from that period (Circle: Braxton, Holland, Corea 
>Altshul; Vienna Art Orchestra).

have a look at Lazer's Edge, they released a lot of old and new CDs of this
kind, including an incredible swiss band of '75: ISLAND

>There is a lesser know outing in quartett format by pianist Bob Degen with
>Terumasa Hino on tpt where they are dramatically deconstructing an
>odd-meter ostinato into cacophony over a 13 minute period and still make 
>back to the head ('Children of the Night', ENJA ca. '78) that I always
>liked a lot.....hey, wouldn't it be great to have a looper that can (on
>command) apply some kind of variation to the material it is cycling -
>possibly reacting to what the soloist is doing?
>Can any of these computer based systems do things like that?

Sounds interesting. There are MIDI apps to analyze some sound and form some
parameters that may influence an effect unit or sampler, but it should
happen simpler.
What is the reaction you imagine?