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Last ditch effort

Hi Kim
Thanks for your response the other day about my faulty EDP
Called mike ayers and he had me send it to an authorized repair place, 
S in NJ. The unit came back with the same problem. Those guys were 
useless. They say they resoldered the Ac connection, but that seems to be
I took it to Vince Gutman in Woodstock and asked him to go through it (not 
warranty guy) but one of the best in the world. He builds stuff for God. 
is starting to cost a bundle, but I need the unit
He found all the AC related items to check out fine. He ran diagnostics on 
RAM and it too was fine.
He feels that it's a CPU/Clock related problem and is confident he can fix 
but needs to have schematics.
Is that something you might have that could be faxed to him ?
My tour starts on Tuesday, and Vince can repair the unit if he has the
schematics on Monday AM.
I figured you might have them or know someone who did. Torn tells me you're
the man.
If it's at all possible could you fax them to Vince Gutman at 914-679-4232 
to me at 914 679-4760. I'm sorry for the imposition. I hope you'll be able 
I can get the unit to power up after about an hour of trying and it's
completely random, therefore quite unreliable. 
Starting to panic,
Kevin Bartlett
If you need to call I'm at 914-679-4728

P.S.Thanks for any and all attention you can give this.