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FS: digitech hell

hey guys I figured I'd give you guys first dibs on some looping tech. 
Kinda low tech but for you cheapo loopers it should suffice quite well.
        Digitech 1002 two second delay pedal: this is is the basic light 
blue 2
sec unit with two pedals, one to turn the effect on the other to hold the
loop infinitely.  has a range from 2 sec to 125 msecs.
        Digitech 20/20 two sec delay pedal: this is a variation on above, 
it is
red and has the same specs but with an LFO to control delay speed, you
control width and speed. You can get everything from flange and doubling
sounds to setting a loop and having it speed up and slow down like a record

        I'd like to sell the lot for 75$ plus shipping for both units or 
trades for broken analog stuff. They both work although they are both old
beat up and the switch contacts are dirty.  They are fine for home use when
you have time to press the switches again and again till they turn on, but
not for live use unless you want to switch them on and leave them looping
(as we are want to do anyway).  
        anyway, let me know if you have any offers.  Thanks guys.