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Re: Recordings

some local listening, of late:

outi: volume 7
we: as is
choying drolma & steve tibbetts: cho
goldie: ya know, the newest release
chocolate genius: black music
emmylou harris: spyboy
la vielle en france: les maitres de la vielle a roue
paul bley and scorpio
tipsy: trip tease
loose wires: godard, tadic, nauseef
ry cooder: the end of violence
disposable heroes: hypocrisy is the greatest luxury
anthony braxton: music for four orchestras
chris whitley: dirt floor
cante flamenco
messiah presents: progenitor
vicente amigo
headhunters: survival of the fittest
samuel barber: summer music for woodwind quintet
(books on tape: 1) the gifts of the jews, cahill, 2) introduction to 
lama tharchin rinpoche, 3) bringing the mind home, sogyal rinpoche)