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in my tray these days :

coldcut & dj food fight + dj krush - cold crush cuts 
remixes of ninja tunes back and front cataloge by coldcut and dj food and 
2 cds - lots of interesting stuff on here. for those of you who like 
beats, dj spooky et al I think you'll
find this of interest. Lots of great mixing, effects, stops,starts and
general all round uncohesive mayhem to puzzle over.
the coldcut cd is particularly good (  #18 has a Mahavishnu violin sample 
even )

penderecki - matrix 5
yeah ! scary scary. the scariest music ever written - penderecki's 
'threnody for the victims of hiroshima'
Remember little Danny pedalling around the Overlook Hotel in Kubrick's 
Shining ? Why was it so scary ?
Cause 'Threnody' was playing somewhere. Never mind the old hag in the 
shower. That was nothing. But
'threnody' ? Run Danny ! Run !

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares.
The Sofia State Radio Womens Orchestra. No electricity supply available 
while the Turks kicked the
bejesus out of the Bulgars for centuries. Hard Times = Great Melodies for 
some bizzare reason.

charlie hunter and pound for pound - return of the canyman.
great for fruging 'round the kitchen whilst you prepare the vegetables. 
Drum solas. Vibes. Cover version
of 'Fly Like an Eagle' !

squarepusher - hard normal daddy
not sure about this one - the music sounds a bit too close to something 
Stanley Clarke might've written when
he was tired ( no disrespect to Stan - 'I wanna play for you' has to be 
one of the funniest tunes ever - especially
at 3am in a roomful of drunks ) 
The beats are fast, modern, and with it of course, but,..

thanks for all the other lists - some good suggestions. I like the ones 
where I haven't heard of any of the artists.
Makes me feel really boring, sitting here re-reading the liner notes to 
'Bat out of Hell'