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Re: Recordings

What does a good player do with an ostinato in an improv situation: 
- leaving out some notes while holding others
- variing a part here and there, maybe creating harmonic tension briefly
- coming back real strong rhythmically, maybe stressing a smaller rhythmic
value (moving from eight notes to sixteenths) or even creating double
- repeating a small 16th note phrase for two or more bars
- going back to the original note for note but real articulate
- throw in a famous riff quote (ha ha)
- fading out w. held notes as above, repeat only one or two characteristic
notes in time or do a ritardando 
- etc.

But all that isn't (yet) work for machines and probably shouldn't be, exept
maybe absurd changes in tempo or pitch that a musician could not execute.

BTW, I just ordered an EDP directly from Bananas at Large in the US(they
had it in stock!). Hope it arrives soon & in working condition, solo gigs
are coming up in Nov.

best, Andreas