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RE: Recordings

I am a little ashamed to say that I haven' t bought anything new for a 
couple of years.  Whatever I bought then didn't change my enthusiasm to 
continue listening to the greats.  Although, I also confess to have been 
lazy to go the store and purchase the many many great records you all have 
suggested on this list.

I am thirsting greatly for calm, meditative music in the vein of Eno, 
Tangerine Dream and others, where I can play them repeatedly without 
actually being aware of them.  I'm sorry, but old Eno records are very 
obvious to me now.  Anyway, here is my list of perennials -- I cannot get 
tired of listening to these records:

* Genesis:  Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England by the Pound, The Lamb 
Lies Down on Broadway, A Trick of the Tail, Wind & Wuthering, others
* Yes:  Fragile, Close to the Edge, Tales of Topographic Oceans, Relayer, 
some of Going for the One and others.
* Emerson Lake + Palmer:  Tarkus, Brain Salad Surgery, some of Trilogy
* Premiata Forneria Marconi:  Per un amico, Photos of Ghosts, others
* Mike Oldfield:  Tubular Bells 2
* Anthony Phillips:  most Private Parts & Pieces, both CD and vinyl
* King Crimson:  Epitaph
* Some compilation CDs my girlfriend has of Handel, others of Bach, 
Debussy, Satie, etc., can't get tired of those

And keep recycling these:
* Fred Frith:  Gravity
* Henry Cow:  Legend
* Michael Hedges:  Taproot
* Joan Manuel Serrat (from Spain):  '74, '73, '75, most of his records
* Allan Holdsworth:  Most of his records
* Steve Hackett:  Watcher of the Skies, most of his records
* Charley Garc’a (from Argentina):  Oro, and most of his records
* The Beatles:  All their records (and most bootlegs)
* Elton John:  Greatest Hits ('74)
* Uriah Heep:  Firefly