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Re[3]: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #148

>Miguel Barella wrote...
>>Yes, I would really love to play in a Planetarium with all the stars
>>and adding some fractal images to the "sky".
>Henry Kaiser does a yearly space jam up at Chabot Planetarium in the 
>hills of California... He invites a few others to accompany the visuals. 
>pretty cool. I have to say it sounds like a perfect context for loopers to
>me as
>It's worth asking the director or manager of a site if they have any 
>events and the pecking order involved. It may be as simple as signing up.
>observatories and planetariums are school owned research facilities and
>non-commercial events are encouraged if they work into the schedule.

I played in the planetarium of Rio de Janeiro in '87. Gregory Brown
improvized together with Vania Dantas (kb), me (guit), and a 2290. He used
projectors with liquids and prisms and defocussed pictures and it came
really wild and strong.

But as far as I know, they do not allow concerts in there any more.