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KHMER (Was: Recordings)

> Khmer 
> Nils Potter Molvaer. This was mentioned on the "powerspot" list.  I like
>this CD alot - Simply Wonderful 

hey gang , I love Khmer too. Nils Petter and his band are among the top  
of Norwegian musicians. I`ve taken a couple of lessons from the main 
guitarist on the album , Eivind Aarset , and he is amazing. On Khmer you 
get an idea of his wonderful use of the E-bow. He has an album out now 
called "Electronique Noir" and it`s very modern. Trip hop and D`n`B with 
lots of great guitarplaying. Eivind uses a Jamman because his Oberheim 
Echoplex didn`t work properly. Probably the same problems some of the 
people on this list has experienced.

Anyway , if you can find it I highly recomend his album , "Electronique 

Yours , Thomas W